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NLMK La Louvière


producer of steel

Company profile

Located in Belgium NLMK La Louvière focuses on the production of hot- and cold-rolled coils for automotive industry, general construction, and pressure vessels manufacturers. Its production capacity is 1.681.000 tonnes of hot-rolled steel, 1,280,000 tonnes of pickled steel.

NLMK La Louvière is continuously expanding its range of products and steel grades of cold forming & deep drawing, structural and pipe steels, quenchable boron & high carbon steels, dual phase, ferro-bainitic steels and other advanced steel grades.

The commissioning of a second walking-beam slab-reheating furnace has helped increase production and improve surface quality. Meanwhile, the commissioning of a second pickling line and a second cold unit supports the galvanizing and electro-galvanizing plants at NLMK Strasbourg.


Bruno Henrard
Directeur Marketing
+32-64-27 29 61
  • Rue des Rivaux 2 - B-7100 La Louvière
  • T: +32-64-27 27 11
  • F: +32-64-27 25 22