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SCI Trainings

As an Infosteel company member, benefit from the discount when registering for online Eurocode training courses

Registration and payment takes place directly with SCI (organiser of the training courses).  SCI has the list of Infosteel company members; in principle, your discount is automatically deducted at the time of registration.

The first time you have to register (via "Login", you will get the message "Looks like your email address isn't registered.  Would you like to register now? )

Click on "Yes Please". 

The first information you must fill in then :

  • Email address : use your professional email address, not a private one
  • Postal code : use the postal code of the (Belgian or Luxembourg) head office of the organisation for which you work

If your company is recognized (you can select it) , you can simply continue to register and pay (online). At a certain point a choice has to be made for the Type of Registration :  take “Register and join”.  After registration, you can add yourself and/or colleagues as participants.

If you receive the error message "My company is not listed", please contact us at and do NOT continue with entering all the company information yourself.  Otherwise you will not receive the discount at checkout.