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Foto: Utku Pekli

Modular extension for vaccine production

To allow production to be expanded from five to eight lines, the Zoetis plant in the Louvain-la-Neuve science park has been enlarged by a 2,500 m² extension in a similar style to the existing building. Despite spans of almost 40 metres, there are virtually no supporting columns on the ground floor. The building features three storeys: the ground floor housing the production unit, a technical mezzanine floor for circulation, and a storey under the roof, where the building services are located. The latter is integrated into the space between the roof beams in a square block. The supporting structure consists of rolled S235 sections for the edges of the trusses, floor beams and columns, and S355 sections for the diagonals of the trusses (to minimise their diameter). The steel skeleton weighs approximately 250 tonnes and the extension took around a year to build.
  • Rue Laid Burniat 1, Louvain-la-neuve
  • ZOETIS BELGIUM, Louvain-la-neuve
  • SYNTAXE Architectes, Haut-Ittre
    Architect / Designer
  • Bureau LEMAIRE, Liège (Angleur)
    Structural engineering
  • Edibosud, Wavre
    General contractor
  • Edibosud, Wavre
    Steel contractor
  • Edibosud, Wavre (façades)
    Other steel applications
  • Edibo
    Infosteel Members