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Foto: Valentin Bianchi

Trilogy of facade steel for Christmas light manufacturer

This lighting company, which specialises in illuminating public and commercial spaces, has had its new headquarters built on the edge of a residential area. Steel predominates, and the 154-tonne steel skeleton is a reference to the saddleback roofs typical of the surrounding area. Two gantries made of hot-rolled S235 steel with a span of 12.5 metres generate various roof areas over a length of more than 100 metres, giving rise to a 22,000 m³ anthracite-coloured space for the storage and maintenance of lighting modules. An upper space made of a lightweight structure in square cross-section steel tubes protects the offices next to the industrial hall from overheating. The facades are clad in steel with three different finishes: the corrugated sheets on the roof are folded down over the facades, where they meet Corten and reflective stainless steel.
  • Chemin dit le Bois 16, Braine-l'Alleud
  • Pact Solutions, Braine-l'Alleud
  • helium3 architectures, Liège
    Architect / Designer
  • Edibosud, Wavre
    Structural engineering
  • Edibosud, Wavre
    General contractor
  • Edibosud, Wavre
    Steel contractor
  • Edibosud, Wavre (façades)
    Other steel applications
  • Edibo
    Infosteel Members