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Foto: Yannick Milpas
Laureate cat. Residentiel buildings

Workshop, office and loft for welding company

A new development has been built on an unassuming, almost triangular, wooded plot in an SME zone overlooking the Albert Canal incorporating a welding workshop, a landscape design office for about four people and a dwelling with loft-like feel. To highlight the activities of the welding company, a decision was made to work with exposed sectional steel and steel awnings. Although the structure of the building is actually a hybrid of concrete and steel, it gives the impression of being a pure steel construction, since the black UPN400 steel girders and columns are visible within the wooden-slatted facades. The building incorporates a total of 38 tonnes of S235 sectional steel – a choice that was driven primarily by aesthetic considerations, although the hybrid steel-concrete construction also allowed the floor and roof slabs to be kept slender.
  • Truibroek 71, Ham
  • Cartledge Consultancy & Investments, Ham
  • MAX8 architecten, Tessenderlo (architect)
    Arjaan De Feyter, Wijnegem (interieurarchitect)
    Architect / Designer
  • IRS studiebureau, Kortenberg
    Structural engineering
  • Caels & Partners, Diest
    General contractor
  • Caels & Partners, Diest
    Steel contractor