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Foto: Toon Grobet (Lumecore)

Over-structure extension for more space and a panoramic view

Since the 60 m2 roof extension has a major impact on the small primary space, the architect sought out a form that minimises the volume by incorporating a kink into the front and rear facades. A rectangular living space was inscribed within this hexagon. To spread the loads, the hexagonal extension was distributed over three HEA240 sections, and the staircase arm is suspended from a fourth section. These sections were picked out in RAL2010 signal orange, with the skeleton construction appearing to weave its way between them. This over-structure extension provides an excellent starting point for great ecological and economic performance: there is no extra footprint, the foundation is recovered, the building services only require limited extension and the design also incorporates solar panels.The structure was assembled on site, but can also be disassembled and repurposed: for example for a garden pavilion. A cramped living environment has been transformed into a liveable home that grows with you, and the versatility of the structure considerably enhances its life span.
  • Private
  • Private
  • LAVA Architecten, Leuven
    Architect / Designer
  • AB Associates, Hasselt
    Structural engineering
  • Renopact, Herentals
    General contractor
  • AB Associates
    Infosteel Members