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Foto: Michael Koch (Hugo Koch Architecten)

Industrial-themed home for car enthusiasts

The clients for this project were true car enthusiasts and wanted to build an industrial-themed home with enough space to store at least 4 cars. Almost the entire ground floor is dedicated to their beloved vehicles and there is also a large two-car garage, plus two covered parking spaces near the entrance. For financial and environmental reasons, a steel structure was chosen for the construction of these large open spaces and this was covered with sandwich panels comprising 15 cm PIR insulation. The roof was fitted with steel deck panels and 16 cm PIR insulation. In addition to the insulation, environmentally friendly building services such as solar panels, a heat pump and ventilation system D were also installed, helping the dwelling to achieve the required BEN rating with ease (*BEN = bijna energieneutraal (near energy-neutral). Said of a dwelling in Flanders that meets certain energy efficiency ratings (e.g. E-level of 30 or lower). Inside the house, the industrial character is further accentuated with the use of cable ducts and visible ventilation channels, resulting in an affordable and modern BEN-compatible home with an industrial twist.
  • Private
  • Private
  • Hugo Koch Architecten, Gentbrugge
    Architect / Designer
  • BCK, Roeselare
    General contractor