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FRACOF-methode voor staal-betonvloeren

fracof designguide coverDe FRACOF-methode laat toe om de weerstand van deels beschermde staal-betonvloeren na te rekenen, rekening houdend met het 'membraaneffect'. Een ontwerpgids en een referentiedocument van deze Fracof-methode werden voorgesteld tijdens de Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011.

"Large-scale fire tests conducted in a number of countries and observations of actual building fires have shown that the fire performance of composite steel framed buildings is much better than is indicated by fire resistance tests on isolated elements. It is clear that there are large reserves of fire resistance in modern steel-framed buildings and that standard fire resistance tests on single unrestrained members do not provide a satisfactory indicator of the performance of such structures.

The Design Guide presents guidance on the application of a simple design method, as implemented in FRACOF software, that has been developed as a result of observation and analysis of the BRE Cardington large-scale building fire test programme carried out during 1995 and 1996. The recommendations are conservative and are limited to structures similar to that tested, i.e. non-sway steel-framed buildings with composite floors. The guidance gives designers access to whole building behaviour and allows them to determine which members can remain unprotected while maintaining levels of safety equivalent to traditional methods.

In recognition that many fire safety engineers are now considering natural fires, a natural fire model is included alongside the use of the standard fire model, both expressed as temperature-time curves in Eurocode 1.

In addition to the Design Guide, a separate Engineering Background document provides details of fire testing and finite element analysis conducted as part of the FRACOF project and some details of the Cardington tests which were conducted on the eight-storey building at Cardington. The background document will assist the reader to understand the basis of the design recommendations in this publication."

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Documenten - Downloads

Design guide FRACOFpdf
Door O.Vassart et B.Zhao
Engineering Background FRACOFpdf
Door O.Vassart et B.Zhao
Observation of real fires and Cardington Fire test pdf
Lezing gehouden door Dr. Renata Obiala, ArcelorMittal
tijdens de Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011
New Experimental Evidence and Fire testpdf
Lezing gehouden door Dr. Olivier Vassart, ArcelorMittal
tijdens de Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011
Simple design method pdf
Lezing gehouden door Prof. Colin Bailey, University of Manchester
tijdens de Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011
Design example and Fracof software pdf
Lezing gehouden door Riccardo Zanon, Ir. ArcelorMittal
tijdens de Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011



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